Not doing business goes both ways

Customers who bad mouth you on phone treat you like dirt and know you are local and they to run a business. Wish they would realize that this has a ripple effect. There are multiple businesses in our town now that myself and the rest of us here will not do business with and have told others why by the way they act and treat people on the phone, and not even service-related at times. A local repair shop without to much detail (to unique a story to tell for privacy) didn’t like the way landscaping was moved to put equipment in and then replaced with same as in unnoticeable and made a very silly/unreasonable demand in all seriousness about it. Not what it was but darn close he basically said we brought dusty turf to replace the existing turf. As in even if true first rain 0 difference and it was in the right of way, not even his property. 1 star review for us on google yet nothing to do with the service just he didn’t like the supposed ‘dusty grass’ we replaced the existing grass with. He is good at his job from the surface and his reviews but has lost business as I was in need of his type of services recently and skipped over him for this very reason as have others here at work. A few other local stores and in a state of society where local downtown businesses are not what they used to be the owner used to call in regular with supposed issues with his own equipment blaming on us. FYI your ISP doesn’t care nor do they repair your printers and yelling isn’t going to change that. Again myself and others won’t go there. These places have cost themselves locally thousands of dollars of income due to their tempers and crazy requests and threats of canceling of a service over issues unrelated to said service.

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Big Brother is watching call…

I can’t think of a title that can describe the stupidity of this agent