Had my first ever scam caller today

I was working the lines with another girl today when the call came in. He told me he worked for Apple Maps and gave me an address that he wanted to confirm belonged to the company I worked for (it didn’t). I don’t think he realised he was calling a contact centre and that I could see the call originated in India. I told him he wasn’t speaking to the right person and all he said was “yes” so I thanked him for calling and hung up.

Not even 5 minutes later he rang back again asking if this was name of company which I’d mentioned on the first call and again gave the same address he’d given on the previous call. It still wasn’t our address. I told him I didn’t have the info to give him and I could arrange a call back for him, to which he said he would just ring back himself.

The whole thing seemed a bit suss, so I did a quick Google and came across a thread about Apple Maps scam calls that followed the exact same script that he had, showing the number that had called. It had a hazard rating of 81% on the particular website.

This was my first time dealing with this sort of thing, and I hadn’t a clue how to handle it, but I emailed the powers that be and he should hopefully be blocked come tomorrow morning.

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