Guy requests removal of overdraft ‘to see if the button works…’

I work for a large bank in the UK and at the bank I work for once we have approved an overdraft limit, we won’t usually remove or reduce the limit without the customer asking us to. (Except in exceptional circumstances, like bankruptcy or account abuse and there’s always a clause somewhere that says we can remove it if we want to…) The bottom line is, if your using your account normally, even if your credit score changes, the agreed overdraft will stay.

So a guy comes though to me and starts shouting that we won’t approve his overdraft. I should point out that I have ZERO discretion with overdrafts, if the “computer says no”, it’s a no…

Guy: Why won’t you give me my overdraft!

Me: I’m sorry to hear your having problems with your overdraft sir, let’s have a look at your account.

Security checks yadda yadda

Me: Ok, it looks like you had a £500 overdraft but you asked us to remove it on our app two days ago…

Guy: I was just seeing if the button worked, I’ve just reapplied on your app and now it won’t give it me back!

Me (After pausing for a second to try to comprehend why someone would do that): I’m sorry to say that your credit score has changed since you last applied for an overdraft and as it stands, we are not in a position to offer you an overdraft at this time.

Guy: Well I can’t pay my bills then! Unless YOU are going to pay to feed my dog? This is your fault I want it back!

The dog comment threw me a bit because I thought he was going to say ‘kids’ when he started that statement. But anyway, this went on for a while back and forth until he asked to speak to a manager who ultimately released the call because he became abusive.

I do have a bit of sympathy, I mean the system was NOT on his side there at all, but the fact he screwed himself over to see ‘if a button worked’ (well of course it does) did reduce that sympathy quite a lot.

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