Are the doors on the ups van secure?

I used to work for ups call center and received what could’ve been a geniously made up prank call.

At about the time the lines opened, I receive a call from a guy who sounded very stressed. He began telling me how he got the delivery the day before and then the stoey took the weird turn.

“I have a condition of taking peoples keys and pushing buttons on a keyfob” at this point I thought I was prank called but the line costed about 50p per minute so I pushed that aside.

“Yesterday when the delivery guy came I took his keys and pushed every single button and today I am worried that it may have affected the doors on the van. Can you tell me are the doors secure now?”

Because there was no possible way of knowing how the doors work on a ups van, I had to bullshit my way out and say that he shouldn’t be worried and that he didn’t do anything harmfull.

The whole call he sounded genuinely stressed and I sounded genuinely confused

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Unplug the device.