Anyone else have songs play in their heads based on their interactions?

I work at a call center where we schedule inspections for cars, and occasionally (read: almost every interaction) a customer says or does something that makes a song pop into my head. Then it won’t go away. Examples from today:

Customer: /hangs up on me/

My brain: 🎶This is why we can’t have nice. Things. Dar. Liiiiing🎶

Customer: /yells at me/

My brain: 🎶Why can’t weee be friends🎶 Alternatively… 🎶You need to calm down! You’re being too loud!🎶

Customer: /has a pickup/

My brain: 🎶Somethin’ ’bout a truck… In a farmer’s filed.🎶

Customer: I’m going on vacation that week, how about the week after?

My brain: 🎶Eh, eh, ehhhh. I’m on vacation, every single day, cause I love my occupation🎶

Edit: spacing bc posting on mobile is literal hell

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