We all hear about idiotic/stupid customers, but have YOU ever made a stupid mistake(s)?

I’ll start:

Disclaimer: I’m a really really stupid human.

TL; DR: I’m stupid, possibly the stupidest on Earth.

1st mistake:

Just got of training: a customer rang up, her house got broken into and was wondering if everything was okay with her bank and just a general check up. (This should have taken 5 minutes tops)

I wrote down all the important information. She got married, name changed. THATS IT

I had her stressing out on the phone for about 45 minutes because on my system it said her old name and her new name (we used 2 systems to check, different on both systems).

To this customer… I am so sorry for being the biggest idiot ever. I’m sorry.

2nd mistake:

Customer wanted a cheque to be resent after her bank messed up, she also mentioned that her bank wrote all over them which I guess made me confused :,)

She was angry and I do have a hard time with angry customers but not excusable.

I never thought about sending her a new cheque because off all the information she was telling me, I got a colleague to help, they said we can’t do anything.

It wasn’t until a week or 2 later I realised, I could have just done the normal procedure and sent out the cheque. To this customer, I’m sorry and thank you for giving me hell on the phone, I deserve it.

3rd mistake:

This is a funny brain dead moment.

Customer rang wanting to withdraw money from his account, (I use 2 systems to check all details and balance).

Both systems told me he had NOTHING xD and I was like wtf, got advisor on to help me and he instantly said he had no money either .

I honestly don’t know what the fuck was wrong with me that day but my brain cells just died :,)

So I’m curious, have you guys made any funny, silly mistakes?

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What do you think?

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