Sexually harassed through the phone!

So this didn’t exactly happen at a call center but I worked for one of those online universities (rhymes with shmaplan). It was my first job out of college and I realized very quickly it was a sales/call center type job.

Anyway I was on the phone with a prospective student, doing the normal protocol by trying to get him to complete the application while on the phone. During the entire call he is breathing heavily and I hear some punching noises. Sounds like someone is hitting the phone. On top of it he’s grunting a lot and I just think okay maybe he’s walking up the stairs and he’s heavy? I don’t know but it was weird.

Suddenly the call drops. I call back right away and he doesn’t answer. Meanwhile I’m messaging my coworkers on Google Hangouts like “wow that was a weird call the guy was making weird noises”. Then I get an email from him apologizing for dropping the call. No worries I say and I ask if he finished the application.

Then, without warning, I receive a photo of his penis.

This man was masterbating with me on the phone. Im sure this kind of stuff happens a lot but I was shocked. I was 22, not naive to this kind of stuff but couldn’t believe it was happening to me at my work!

I told my boss and they just kinda asked if I was okay and stuff. Yeah I’m not traumatized but what the hell man.

Anyway I quit that job a few weeks later. Haven’t been sexually harassed at work since!

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