Just Another Billing Dispute

Most of my billing related calls are people who are pissed off because service was suspended when they don’t make their payments and don’t understand why we don’t have a “grace period” on a post paid service where they get an invoice with plenty of notice. This is not one of those. …

Me: Thank you for calling [company name], my name is Sir_Gnome, how may I assist you?

LivingInDenial: Yes, I received a peculiar letter from you all stating I owe 120 dollars. I don’t owe you this much. Explain this to me?

Me: I’m happy to help, let me get your name so I can bring up the account.

[insert verification verbiage here]

Me: Alright, so it looks like you do have a balance of $120. It appears we haven’t received payment for your last three invoices.

LID: But that’s impossible! I paid my bills. And I should definitely not owe August, as my account was suspended in July! I’m not paying for services that are shut off!

Me: Yes, I see you were suspended on [date] but the billing period ended 5 days after that date. As we’re a post paid company, you were prorated for that billing cycle to include up until that date.

LID: Post paid? No. No. No no no no. I’ve always paid my account up front. I’m prepaid.

Me: [reviews payment history] I’m sorry, but the company has always been post paid. And your payment history shows you’ve always paid after the service, never before or with a double payment.

LID: No. I’m prepaid. I’m not post paid. I don’t owe you this. I’m not paying this. And I paid June.

Me: [dude, wtf?!]

Me: Um, well if you look at your invoices they clearly state the billing periods. And the reason you owe this much currently is because we didn’t receive a payment for your June, July and now August (prorated) invoices. I show you set up a payment arrangement for your June invoice when you called in on [date when payment was late] to make the payment in July.

LID: No no no. I’m prepaid. I don’t owe you $120.

Me: Please look at the invoice you called me about. It states the billing period. You pay after you’ve used the service, not before.

LID: No. I’m prepaid. We’re clearly going in circles. I’ll call back later.


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