The Joy of Escalation Calls

I work at a call center for a credit card company. If the bank closes your account, suspends your charging privileges, or reduces your spending limit, we have the pleasure of speaking to each other. I also take call escalations.

In this tale, our dear cardmember went delinquent to the point of a forceful closure of the account. He was escalated to me.

Me: “Hello I am [terribly depressed] with [bank]. Am I speaking with Timmy Dipshit?”

Timmy: “Yes. Why the hell did you close my account?”

Me: “Well sir, I see that we went about half a year without receiving payment. Due to the continued delinquency of your account, we elected to close the account.”

Timmy: “Well this isn’t fair. I told you guys beforehand that I’d be leaving the country! I demand that you reopen my account.”

Me: “Right and we appreciate the heads up, however leaving the country does not stop the payments from being requested. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but you can pay online or through our app. It appears you had access to the internet because we detected a login from [country] after a charge declined on the card.”

Timmy: “This is terrible customer service. You need to reopen the account now. I gave you guys advanced notice.

This continued for about twenty minutes. To illustrate how the conversation went, please read the above paragraph 16 times and substitute some synonyms in there.

Handle time isn’t really a metric for me, however my patience was wearing thin and there were calls in queue.

Me: “Sir, at this point the conversation is just going in circles. I appreciate your time, but unless there is something new I can help with I will be disconnecting the call.”

Timmy: “You can’t hang up on me! I want my account opened back up.”

Me: “As I’ve explained sir, we will not be doing that. Is there anything else I can help with?”

Timmy: “No, I just want my account reopened.”

Me: “Sorry sir, your account is permanently closed. Have a good day.”

I ended the call, put my notes in and took a very long walk outside. I felt kind of bad since there were calls waiting, but that dude was so unpleasant to speak with that I didn’t want my irritation leaking into the next call.

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