i cant unlock an account that’s not in your name..

so i work for a bank, and like most banks, you only get a few tries to get your password right until it’s locked. unfortunately, sometimes theres a system error that causes this to happen even without a failed attempt. that was the case for this woman who continued to bank online using her deceased husbands credentials.

so the call starts and she lets me know her online account is locked. cool, ezpz, shouldn’t take too long. until i load her profile.

me: so actually i see that you dont have an online banking profile setup with us, did you want me to help set one up?

lady: what?? i use my account almost everyday to pay bills!

looks like one of the accounts is a joint, i check the secondary account holder. deceased. with an online account.

me: is it someone else’s account?

lady: yeah, my husband’s, he’s dead, but i still pay the bills since it’s our account

me: well, since it’s in his name unfortunately i can’t unlock the account. what i can do is help you setup your own online account with your details

lady: but this is my account! why can’t you unlock it!

we go back and forth for a few minutes. every other response i give is “because it’s not in your name.” i definitely had to make sure not to say “because i cant talk to him”

lady: just tell me that i have to close my account

me: i’m not saying that at all! we can setup your account using your details and the same information is going to be there. plus, we won’t have to deal with this issue ever again.

from there she finally got it. we setup her online account (with no issues at all!!), and thankfully she was genuinely happy.

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