Never put your wife and your girlfriend on your lease

Long post, on mobile. Not great with storytelling. TLDR at the end.

So I remembered this one after reading the cheating story.

Back a couple of years ago I worked in a small inbound call centre for a fleet company. Our department specifically handled calls from customers who had cars leased through their employers as part of their salary. We had very strict privacy policy but (and this is the important thing) you could have more than one additional person authorised on the account.

So to the call of the day.

A lady calls up asking for access to the details of her husbands lease, no problems she has access and passed the security questions. We go through a few details and I could tell from the start that she was fishing for something and as soon as I opened the back leasing documents I knew what was coming. Turns out husband has added his girlfriend onto the insurance and also as an authorised person on the account. Now we send the documents automatically to the email address held on file, which husband stupidly has as his wife’s email. She knows but want to confirm in case it was mistake between accounts. I apologise and confirm the information while she’s crying. She thanks me and after a few more minutes ends the call.

I think this is terrible but shrug and go onto the next call. But of course thats not the end of it.

A couple of hours later husband calls yelling and screaming. Now I didn’t originally get this call but it went to the most junior member of the team and being the next senior staff member under the manager she asked if I could take over the call for her (our manager was chill and let us do this for the juniors). During the transfer he never stopped yelling until he realised he was speaking to someone else.

He rants and raves for a while until I security check him and confirm to him that he put his wife’s and girlfriends details on the account and it was his decision to do so. After he calms down a bit it comes out why hes so upset ( no sympathy I think he deserved everything that happened to him)

Turns out wife also works for the same company, different department but senior to him. First call she made was to her boss to have the company aware of the sitation and to have them check the company credit card. It seems old mate was also treating his girlfriend to dinner on the company dollar as well as other personal expenses.

He was summarily fired from his position. As the car is through the company he no longer has a lease with us and has to pay the financier directly (it was not cheap) and has lost all benefits included fuel cards, maintenance and insurance. I could do nothing to help him, by the time he has called all this information has come through from his employer and is effective immediatly (in fact the documents were already in the post and had been emailed).

After calling her boss it turns out wife had used the contact details she got sent and contacted the girlfriend, who was not aware he was married. Girlfriend was apparently a little crazy and went to his workplace and keyed the car and punctured the tires.

Now he can fill an insurance claim because the policy wouldn’t cancel until midnight but he wanted roadside assistance and replacement tires. After about 30 mins I got through to him that he wouldn’t be getting either and would have to arrange it himself. I also did recommend that he contacts the police. He finally ends the call after berating me, my employer and his former employer. He also sends in an email complaint against me personally.

My boss shrugs it off, the big boss shrugs it off and I continue to take calls.

I know the wife was satisfied because she signed up for a lease herself a few weeks later. I spoke to her a couple more times while I still worked there. They got divorced, she got the house because it was premarital asset and I think he deserved everything he got for his stupid actions.

TLDR: Guy adds both wife and girlfriend on lease. Wife finds out, he loses his job, the lease and the girlfriend trashes his car. Also loses wife and house.

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