The Bus Driver

I work in a banking call center and if you do too you know the program Zelle. If you don’t basically Zelle is the retarded little brother to PayPal, Vimeo, Facebook pay, est. Now people don’t understand that sometimes customers have to accept the payment.

This is a situation where I had a co-worker throw me under the bus because the customer didn’t listen to me because I told the customer that the other person must accept the payment and it went through twice. I listened to both calls and mine was short because I assured the customer that she would be able to send the payment as soon as the person accepted it. However what happens next is what my co-worker tells the customer.

Customer- Hello, I need to understand why my account is overdrawn?

Agent D- Yes no problem Authenticates Looks like you have two payments that went though for Zelle and Vimeo.


Agent D- Looks like the previous agent left a note My note- Told customer about how Zelle payment would need to be accepted

Agent D- Well it reads here that My first and last name said that Zelle payment wouldn’t be stopped and he lied to you.

Customer- I want that man’s phone number and manager right now.

Agent D- Well his manager is currently working and his phone number isn’t here. I mean I can fix something and proceed to make a case.

After this he didn’t stop there at our call center we can’t ace agents that are in our sister location or our location however he proceeded to ace me. Not only that but yelled at me in front of co-workers at what I “Did wrong”. Not only did my co-workers stand up for me but one nameless hero called him out on being a bus driver and spending too much time in Aux 7. Some people we work with will press you down but 4 more will aide you in defense. Pro tip is don’t be a bus driver and throw another agent under the bus we all suffer together.

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Ma’am, I’m pretty sure big banks don’t do that either…

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