Call center murder story

I posted this in another subreddit and was told to post it here so just a quick back story I worked for one of the larger call centers in the U.S. for a while and I had 2 coworkers heres their story.

I had 2 coworkers who were ” best friends” who spent 24/7 together and one day they decided to actually move in together so they could hang out all the time take into fact that these were two men in their mid 30s who acted like 14 year olds, it lasted about 3 months when coworker A moved back into his moms house coworker B was furious, then coworker B confronts coworker A in the break room and slaps him. Weenie fight of slapping scratching biting begins B gets fired and tried to come back to work the next day like he never got fired, and A see B while coming to work in the parking lot pulls a small handgun from his backpack and shoots B. Later come to find out they took each other’s virginity.

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