Ma’am, I’m pretty sure big banks don’t do that either…

I’m a teller with a local credit union. This past week I was on front desk, so I would check in members, sit them down in offices and, of course, answer the phones. Most of the calls are pretty mundane. Simple questions, asking to be transferred to a specific person, etc. But sometimes you get some gems –

Caller: “Hi, my name is Caller calling from Business. We recieved a check from one of your clients and it bounced. If I gave you the account number and amount, can you confirm for me if the money is there?”

Me: “Is it one of our cashier’s checks or a personal check?”

C: “It’s a personal check.”

M: “Then no. I can’t disclose that information.”

C: “Even if I just tell you the amount? Big banks do it all the time!”

M: “Ma’am, I can’t disclose information about a member’s account to a third party and especially not over the phone.”

C: “Do you have a phone number for her? We’ve called and left a message but haven’t heard back. So she just wrote a me a bad check?”

M: “I can’t disclose that information either, and if she did’ that’s something you’ll have to discuss with her.”

C: “Fine.” >click<

Not my problem, lady, but I’m not going to violate privacy laws just because someone wrote you a bad check.

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