That time that a caller opened with compassion.

Hopefully y’all don’t mind a little bit of optimism and cheer to start your Thursday.

I work in a call center in one of the areas that got hit with major violence recently. Also important, most of our callers are regulars. They know our names and voices, they know the place we work out of.

So, shortly after that violence, I pick up the phone. I recognize the caller ID immediately, and the caller is happy to give me his information. And as I’m going through the call-opening pleasantries, he says:

“I’m really wanting to know how you’re doing in [that area]. How is it there?”

Plenty of our callers bullshit with us a bit during calls. It takes me a minute to catch up, but he asks:

“Because you’re in [area hit], right?”

And then I realize he’s not asking about the weather or making conversation. He saw the news, recognized the location, and is checking to be sure everyone at our company is okay.

I was happy to inform him that no one within the company was directly hit, and everyone on my team is perfectly safe. He was happy to hear it. And then I just enjoyed having a call that opened with compassion.

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