If you give a racist long-term disability benefits

So first off I need to clarify that I don’t work in a call center. I work in the benefits department of a large corporation, specifically the department that deals with life insurance and long term disability insurance.

We get phone calls from employees and their families about their life and disability benefits and claims. I only started in June and phone calls have been rather mundane, that is until yesterday.

ME: Yours truly

RFE: Racist Former Employee

ME: Thank you for calling [Company] benefits this is flutter_hush how can I help you?

RFE: You’ve got to help me.

ME: Absolutely ma’am what’s going on.

RFE then goes on a long tirade about how she’s 80 years old, blind, and is now having to take care of another family member.

ME: I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having such a frustrating time.

RFE: Frustrating time? It’s more than a frustrating time! I’m living a hell on Earth because of (Company)

ME: I’m so sorry ma’am. Can I have your employee number.

RFE then takes about 5 minutes to give me her employee number before finally handing the phone to some other woman because she apparently can’t read the all of the numbers. I finally am able to get her pulled up in our system. I see that she resigned from the company in 2014 and had no benefits.

ME: All right ma’am so how can I help you?

RFE: Well you can help by turning my disability benefits back on.

ME: I’m sorry ma’am but it shows that you no longer have any benefits with us as you are no longer an employee.

RFE: But that’s not so (she annoyingly enunciates each word) I was told that the disability policy was MINE and that it would be effective for life.

ME: I’m sorry about that ma’am but we can’t turn back on your disability benefits. When you left the company your benefits terminated. You could have converted your policy to an individual policy with [insurance company] but you would have to have continued premium payments for the coverage to remain active.

RFE: But that’s not so (she enunciates every word even more annoyingly this time) No one told me anything about premium payments. I was told that this was MY policy and it would always be effective.

ME: I’m sorry about that ma’am but I’m afraid you no longer have benefits with us and we cannot turn on your disability benefits again

RFE: I want you to give me the name of the person in charge of this plant!

I assumed she meant the particular plant she worked at so I start to look up the main number of her former plant. As I’m doing this she rambles on about how she was wronged by the company

RFE: Because of [company] I’m blind, living in the middle of nowhere. Your damn nurse didn’t set my cast right and I had to have it removed by a veterinarian. I owe this woman (referring to her companion) $200 and I can barely afford food or gas!

I start giving her the phone number to her former plant.

RFE: I already called there! I want you to send me the records of everything that happened to me. Everything that you see on your screen!

ME: I’m sorry ma’am I can’t do that.

RFE: Why not they are my records! Perhaps we should take this to court, I’m sure you’ll have to provide them then.

ME: I’m sorry ma’am but providing employee records is the responsibility of your former plant.

RFE: What is your name!

ME: My name is [First Name] [Hispanic Sounding Last Name]

RFE: Huh figures!

RFE: (to her companion) Do you know how to spell [Hispanic sounding last name]? Spell that!

I spell out both my names for her.

RFE: (to her companion) Ok, turn him off now!

RFE Companion: We’re DONE!

-Call ends-

I hang up the phone and I immediately start laughing my ass off. My joy is short lived because my bitch of a trainer then comes over to my desk and snaps at me “Don’t do that.”

Then my trainer starts bitching me about how I told her that something was “not our responsibility” as it can be seen as uncaring and that I need to watch what I say. I never told my trainer that the woman apparently had racist tendencies. I doubt she would have cared in any case. Anyway that’s my story. Hope you enjoyed it.

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That time that a caller opened with compassion.

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