That time I gave a dude a crash course on Economics over the phone

Today we had one of those days that every call centre has from time to time: a couple people called in sick and we were short staffed for the day. Because of that we had longer wait times then normal in our que and this one dude was unhappy about it.

Caller: Why is there such a long wait time? I’ve spent 20 minutes on hold!

Me: apologizes sir we’re just a short staffed today this isn’t normal.

Caller: well you guys should staff your call centre better that’s ridiculous.

Me: I understand your frustrated, we just had some people call in sick we aren’t normally staffed line this.

Caller: then you should fire the people who called in sick.

Me: … Sir that would make us even more short staffed not less.

Caller: then hire more people to replace them!

Me: Who is going to want to work for a business that fires people for being sick?

Caller: I don’t know, can’t you just [thing he called in to do]?

I helped him with his service and he got what he wanted in the end. After we were done he said something about remembering this experience when it came time to renew his account and we ended our conversation there. I sincerely hope this dude isn’t a manager anywhere.

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