Entitled woman keeps screaming at me because it was my fault she forgot her husband has a credit card.

Yo so i hope y’all are ready for this. Its long so theres a TLDR at the end.

As we all know, when that end shift happens, we leave as soon as possible. People are hecks on the phone more than in person ive found

So i used to work for a credit card company and, like usual, data protection is a big thing. With credit cards its even more of a big deal.

This lady (we’ll call her karen) calls up about 20 minutes before we close.

Me: good afternoon, thank you for calling [credit card company] you’re speaking to OP, can i take your 16 digit credit card please?

Karen (k): yes its xx

M: ok can you just confirm the name on the account. (At this point i can see that it definitely was not her account. It was the same surname but with data protection, i cant tell her ANYTHING about the account unless she passes data protection.)

K: thats the thing, this letter arrived with this number on but its not my number and i am the only one who has a credit card with you.

M: i see, unfortunately i cant tell you anything about the account unless data protection is passed. (I decided to give her a hint at this, i wanted to just go home) is there anyone else who could have an account?

K: no, only i have a credit card with you. Just tell me who it is. Its my address clearly and i have the numbern just tell me.

M: unfortunately i cant do that due to the data protection act.

This goes on for FOURTY FIVE GODDAMN MINUTES. Im the last person there. Me and one supervisor. I told her many times that i couldn’t and “maybe theres a family member who has a credit card”

Finally, i hear a door closing on the phone and i get excited. The husband is home! Im grinning widely as i hear her speaking.

K: Finally! Ive been talking to this girl for an hour about this letter! Have you ever had a [company] credit card?!

My saviour: yeah why?

Theres silence. Im excited. I want to laugh and cry cos FINALLY! its over!

K: is uh… is it my husband’s card?

M: can you confirm his name please?

K: yeah its xx

M: i just need to confirm with Mr. X that its ok to speak to you on his behalf. (He does so and he passes! Wahoo!)

K: so… its my husband’s account?

M: yup.

K: thats why you asked if anyone else had one isnt it.

M: due to data protection, i cant discuss accounts without permission from the account holder. I can confirm details with you now data protection has been passed and authority has been given.

The account was fully paid off and the letter was about a credit limit increase being available… he just wanted the account closed. Nearly an hour after we finished, i hung up and was given death glares by my supervisor.

I quit soon after. She was nice after but jeez.

TlDr: woman’s husband didnt tell her he had a credit card and she keeps yelling at me for 45 minutes after closing before finding out she was wrong.

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