Taking calls for the airport: Greatest Hits.

-That woman who wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any “low cost passengers” on HER flight. Took me five whole minutes to get her to understand that different airlines had in fact different planes, that she was safe from the plebs.

-That other woman who reacted to us having the same name like it was Christmas, started chattering about how beautiful “our” hometown (yeah, right) was and forgot about the motive of her call altogether.

-The man who knew his cousin was coming from somewhere in Italy to Madrid at some point in time. And got furious when I refused to try guessing on which flight he could be.

-Some asshole who demanded written guarantee that his 350.000€ car would not be touched by ANYONE if he left it in the airport’s parking. Then immediately complained about said parking high price.

-“Can we watch the Real Madrid match on the airport after leaving the plane? Or are we going to have to rush home and miss some of it??” said as it was a life or death matter.

-That very distressed woman who called because she had managed to lose her husband’s corpse somewhere in Málaga’s airport (?). Maybe by the bathroom (??).

-Some dude called because his friend had left the car in Barcelona’s airport parking, travelled to Gran Canaria then died there. So he couldn’t take the car because the dead guy had the parking ticket with him and the price kept going up and up… I transferred the hell out of that nonsense, of course

-“The planes are flying too low near my house, please stop them :(”. I’m on the case, ma’am.

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