Prescription abuser gets mad when insurance says no!

I work in a health insurance call center dealing with all the different lines of business; Medicare, commercial and Medicaid. If anyone here has worked health insurance and dealt with Medicaid patients you would know how ~entitled~ they feel over certain things. This person I’m sure was abusing Suboxone and I’ll get to why. The guy in the story will be called DH- dickhead for obvious reasons

Me: thanks for calling reddit health insurance my name is blank how can I help you? DH: HELLO!!! I am trying to fill my fucking script and YOU PEOPLE won’t pay for it. Me: okay sir let me take a look, what is the name of the medication? DH: Suboxone! checked the system looks like it won’t pay because he is having it written by a non par provider and he can’t because he’s on a state plan that requires he sees par ones Me: alright it looks like the prescription is being written by someone that doesn’t accept your insurance, in order for it to pay you would have to have it written by someone who does. DH: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! I just paid $200 for an office visit with this fucking doctor to prescribe me it!!!! So you won’t cover it? Me: correct DH: so your telling me I just paid $200 for nothing? Me: i dont know how to say this nicely but yeah DH: fuck you click

Can’t win em all can you?

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