But I bought the disc!

Yesterday, an old woman called in to check on her subscriptions since they were due to be renewed the next day. I looked up her contracts, told her they’d automatically renew the next day, and what the price would be in total. About $30 of the annual cost was for antivirus software. After telling her this, she asked why she was being charged annually since she had bought the installation disc in 2014. I explained that she was paying for a service and that the disc was just to install the program and that if she cancelled the plan, the program would remain on her computer, but she’d lose the functionality. She kept insisting that she bought the disc in 2014 and should have never paid again. I explained again that this was an annual service plan, and she asked to speak to a supervisor.

I got a supervisor, explained the situation, and wished her luck explaining the same thing. She took the call over, explaining everything I had before. She went about telling the client the same thing, and then makes a “what the fuck” face at me before telling the client, “ma’am, the system renews it automatically, we aren’t sending airwaves through your wall.” She offered repeatedly to either cancel the contact or disable auto renew, but the client hung up before having any changes made. I just feel bad for whoever gets the next call from her yelling about the antivirus charge.

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