Politics are fun (Spoilers: They’re not)

This happened just today at my Auto & Property Insurance company that I work for. (Major paraphrasing btw, but this gets the point across)

It was a pretty normal day. I get a call from a lady, let’s call her Mrs. Oregon. Mrs. Oregon’s account pulls up, already authenticated through our automated system. She wants to know how long she’s been a customer with us. This is not a usual question, but I have seen some people lead this into a question about getting more discounts.

Mrs. Oregon: Me and my family have been customers for XX years. We find it really offensive that your company would place ads on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Me, in my mind: Wait, what?

Mrs. Oregon: We are a military family and we think it’s appalling that you put ads on that show.

Me: Well, there’s nothing that we can do about that. That’s handled by a marketing team that we do not have a line to. At the most, you may have luck on our website or you can try online. Even then, what our advertisements appear on do not reflect the values of our company.

Mrs. Oregon: Well, that’s disappointing. Me and my family will be switching companies, and I won’t let my son take your insurance either. -Click-

Seriously? This whole politics bs is starting to get annoying because it’s now going to start linking to my job.

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