I don’t care if you’re a celebrity

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I work within customer services for a big car company that manufactures German cars.

Now, i can imagine that you already can guess that we deal with a lot of entitled people on a day to day basis, and even a few celebs.

A few weeks ago I received a call from a famous runner from the UK, at first i didn’t spot the fact that he was famous until they wanted to speak to a manager because they failed our security questions.

Now, managers won’t speak to anyone unless they do pass through security, but i was feeling extra nice that day and put them on hold and asked my manager if he would speak to them as they haven’t passed through security and started to kick off a bit.

My manager came over, and looked at the agreement and asked if i had that person on the phone, and i said, yes why?

He then explained to me that he was a famous British Olympic runner, but either way he would not speak to him and would not treat him any different just because he’s famous.

I went back on the phone and explained to them that unfortunately a manager will not speak to him and that i would not be able to discuss the agreement with him at all.

So he turned around to me and just flat out said ” do you know who i am?

And me getting progressively angrier just said ” no, should i?

He then starts going on a mass tangent explaining that i have to speak to him about the agreement and that his time is more valuable than mine etc, and that he doesn’t care about our security and that i will speak to him NOW.

I explained that it does not matter if he is famous or not, i would not be breaking the law and discussing any information with him just because he is famous.

He started calling me every name under the sun, which i found quite amusing as he seems to be some sort of national treasure because of how nice he is etc.

I told him that i will now to terminating the call as i don’t appreciate being spoke to like that, he then told me that he has my name and will be reporting me.

Weeks on, i still have his agreement number and me and my manager have a good laugh about him.

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