Old woman had free TV service for a year.

I work for a cable company that offers a streaming service, which allows our internet customers to stream cable TV from certain internet devices. Customers who pay for cable can use the streaming service for free. Customers who don’t pay for cable can just pay for streaming at a reduced cost, and usually reduced channels.

I got a call from a very upset old woman. The call starts as usual and then I ask how I can help her.

OW: I was trying to watch my streaming and I got a message saying to subscribe to TV service. How dare you try to tell me I have to pay to watch TV?”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. Give me one second while I look at your account.” I looked over her services and there is no cable or streaming package so I tell her that our streaming service isn’t free unless she pays for cable.

Ow: “I haven’t had cable in over a year, sir. And I was just streaming yesterday.” Me: “hmm… Ok give me one more moment.” I had to check and make sure I wasn’t wrong and while I was looking I noticed that she canceled her Cable exactly one year ago to the day. So it turns out that when she canceled her TV service, the signal to stop her access from streaming wasn’t sent so she was getting a $25/month service, (plus all of the cable channels which wouldn’t have been included even if she was paying) for free for over a year. I spent about 7-8 minutes explaining this to her until she finally understood. I offered to transfer her to the Sales team to add the service. I let her know that I wasn’t going to try to charge her, because it was a mistake on our end, but I don’t know what the Sales policy is. This wasn’t exactly true because I couldn’t charge her even if I wanted to, but I really just wanted her to hang up, which she did after I mentioned the possibility of a charge.

Tl;Dr: A technical glitch allowed a customer to get free TV service for a full year, and she was not happy about it.

Edit: Minor grammatical errors.

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