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So I work in an inbound call centre, so for all intents and purposes when you call us we “are” the company unless extremely provoked we’ll admit we are a third party whom take messages/orders/contact engineers etc.

We take calls for 100’s if 1000’s of clients all of them are scripted and we have general knowledge of some accounts; others barely anything but as of yet I’ve only taken a few calls where someone has called me out on not working for the company.

So I’m working my usual shift it’s coming up to 19:00 a call drops in and I say the opening line on the script. Hello this xyz company, muffmunncher speaking how can I help?

Gentleman: You can help me by taking me off your mailing list?

Me; I do apologise sir, but we are the order and payments line, you’d have to call the customer services between –

Gentleman- No you can transfer me now?

Me; unfortunately sir the customer services closed at 17:00 but they’ll be available at 9:00 tomorrow.

Gentleman- No your company has been harassing me with your marketing for weeks you will remove me now or I will report you to (information authority)

Me; like I said sir I’m the order and payments line i dont have access to remove you from any marketing but if you send us an email, or call tomorrow, or send us a message through the website I’m sure customer services will be-

Gentleman; listen here girlie I’ve already spoken to Josh and he said hed get my details removed and I’m still getting them so you will do as I say now.

Me; okay sir what I can do, is if you give me your details I’ll escalate them through my manager to the customer service to investigate this and we can –

Gentleman- what is your name (screeching at this point)

Me; Muffmunncher

Gentleman – and your surname

Me; My initial is J for Juliet

Gentleman; no your name

Me; unfortunately we don’t give surnames in this office ( if it’s not scripted I ain’t telling yah )

Gentleman ; where are you based?

Me; I’m in the Hammersmith office.

Gentleman; so you dont work for xyz company because they’re based in Quebec so you’re a scam company who has taken my details. I want your name and your managers name and I will report you to the police.

Me; Sir I can get my manager on the phone, but we do work for xyz company as the order and payments line.

Gentleman; You deaf bitch you listen to me –

Me; sir if you continue to use that language I’ll have to terminate the call.

Gentleman; it is your job to solve my issue, you best damn well get your manager on the phone and I’m recording this call to hand into the (Marketing authority) and making a claim against you.

I’m immediately taken aback by this.

Me; All of our calls are recorded sir, and your making a claim against myself specifically, is that what you’re stating.

Gentleman; Yes so give me your details

Me; okay so my name is muffmunncher my surname is Juliet, now if I could take your details so I can escalate this through to our-

(Sometimes it’s best to just give in, de-escalating is something we are trained to do.

Gentleman; Now you fucking listen to me Muffmunncher you are going to get my details removed or I’m going to sue you and xyz company and report you for harassment

Me; again sir if you use language like that I will have to terminate the call, and if you dont give me your details I wont know which details I need to request to be removed.


Me; terminating the call Click –

He called back several times to my colleagues quoting my name asking to speak to my manager and make a formal complaint. We had to eventually bite the bullet and state that were a 3rd party we take calls for xyz company and reiterate exactly what I’d already told to him.

A few days go by and we get an email from xyz company saying the crazy gentleman had written in with my details and had stated that he wanted my personal details so he send them to the Marketing authority for breach of Data protection laws.

They sent a picture of the letter they returned.

“She doesn’t work here.”

TLDR: Man wants me to remove him from the mailing list, swears at me when I explain I am not able to. Threatens to sue and report me to the police. Calls back several times and we explain we’re not actually the company. Sends a letter to the company asking for my details, only to be told I don’t work there.

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