Race war

I work for a cable company that also supplies internet service. We offer an option to use our equipment or customer-owned modem/router. The downside to using your own router is that, because it doesn’t belong to us, we can’t log into it to change settings, passwords, etc.

A woman called and she wanted to know what setting she needed to change in her router. I don’t remember what she was actually trying to accomplish, but I couldn’t help her. I told her that she needs to contact the router manufacturer, because I don’t have access to her settings. She told me that she rented to equipment from us and now she owns it. We don’t offer that option, which means she actually just didn’t return it to us befote she moved from old place, and effectively stole it. I didn’t bother saying that to her because it wasn’t worth the argument.

She eventually asked for a supervisor because I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about. I got her to a lead who told her the same thing I said, almost word for word. She asked him “So because I don’t pay for WiFi service, you can’t support my WiFi?” He told her that is exactly what he is saying, and then she told him “That’s why I don’t like white people. I can’t wait til we have a race war so we can kill all of you!”

She ranted for a few minutes about hating white people and said that all black people sit around thinking about killing white people all day. She also told him she would go slap a white bitch just because of him. This continued until he walked away from his desk. After he came back she just kept calling him ugly until he told her he was hanging up, and then put her on hold.

Tl;dr: Woman started inciting a race war just because we couldn’t support a service she doesn’t have.

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