My call center is a hot mess. .

This is more of a rant about management. My manager doesn’t tell anybody anything. Ever. Every evening I have to find him to ask when to come in. Every morning I have to ask when I leave. If he leaves early or i don’t catch him, I’m sol. I don’t have a company email, or a direct phone number for a manager, or any way to contact anyone after hours. I just have to guess and wait for someone to yell at me. I’ve been here for over a month.

Also, they underpaid me on my first paycheck, didn’t provide a real pay stub bc they forgot to put my hours in on time, and didn’t give me a badge until week 3, and only after I hunted down the IT guy.

No one is outright mean, just bogglingly incompetent. Even our main client is incompetent. I’m customer service for a startup. Their website has been busted since Thursday. Idk how a web based startup with a busted webpage is supposed to work tbh.

I’m so glad I’m out of here in a month. I’d give notice, but they’d probably forget anyways. Screw em lol

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Really? You never made that 2h call or it was a mistake?

Short tale told only via notes on a clients account.