Really? You never made that 2h call or it was a mistake?

I work for a incoming call account for mobility post paid. The main characteristic is that my LOB is for customer with bad record with the company, for either asking for too much credit, getting too much credit or calling too much all the time. Point is, the most annoying type of customers are the ones that constantly ask for credits for more than invalid reasons. The one customer that gets $200+ on international long distance calls on every bill and always calls saying they never made them and wants the charges removed. It’s so annoying having to deal with them because you know damn well they are valid and you have the records to justify them but the customer dares to say the 2h call was an accident 🙄 The good part is that we don’t have to be so apologetic so we can go like: “sorry sir, but we have records of the calls been made and we see this is a common trend on your account so we can’t take this as an accident. This are valid charges and there’s nothing we can do about it” and UGH you have no idea how good saying that feels 😀

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