I’m not paying it.

This is one i got yesterday from my friend who works at my former call center. A customer called in asking to pay his bill. My friend authenticated the account with the customer then informed the customer that there were 2 payment methods over the phone. He could pay the bill with a live representative but there would be a convenience fee added next bill cycle or be passed to the automated system and make same payment but with out a fee. The customer got angry. “I hate paying automated systems. You’re gonna take my payment and you’re not gonna add any fee. “ This of course made my buddy dig his heels in. He saw that the bill wasn’t for for another 11 days. He informed the customer that he had no option to waive the fee as it was added automatically but he still had time to mail the payment. He could also go to a payment center or pay on the internet. The customer asked if he was refusing payment. “Absolutely not sir. I have given you 5 different ways to pay” So the customer says “I’m gonna tip this bill in half and I’m not gonna pay it because you are refusing payment” So my friend says “Sir you are absolutely free to make any decision you wish but I suggest you make a payment using one of the methods I explained.” The customer just hung up. We laughed about that. We hope he doesn’t pay.

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A call center nightmare.

Ma’am, I’m pretty sure big banks don’t do that either…