Opal is dead, please stop calling!!

So, I work part time in a small, inbound call center. We handle mostly HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Drs offices and some other odds n ends.. anyhow, last week our boss announced that we would be taking on a new client.

Whoo hoo?

We were under the impression that this new client was a company that sold and installed solar panels. The deal was supposed to be that people fill out some form online or call in and we schedule an estimator to go out and get them a bid. Well….. turns out, this is NOT the case!!

On the very first day we signed on with them, we learned to our horror, that when anyone fills out this little “form” online, we get a phone call that automatically connects us to the poor soul who put their information in the online form. Most do not answer the phone.. I mean, why would you answer an unknown number?

Every single time someone fills that form out, if no contact is made, and even if it is made, their name and number gets put back into a que.. where they get emails, text messages and phone calls.. 5 a day, every flipping day. It doesn’t matter if they say they are not interested or if the number is invalid, we HAVE to keep calling them! We apparently have to keep calling.. even if the person we are calling for, is dead! Like Opal.. the dead woman we have been spamming with phone calls, emails and text messages for the last 4 days!!

Now, we (employees, very small company) were PROMISED that we would NEVER be subject to doing telemarketing or any kind of sales, and yet.. that is exactly what this is!!

So, I go check out this online form people are filling out. It asks a couple of questions like, is your house in full sun? What kind of roof? What state are you in? Etc.. at the end, a form asking for your name, number and email address pops up. Underneath it is a note in BOLD that says “We will never spam you. By filling out this form you give us permission, our associates and other similar companies to email, text and call you”.. essentially, we will sell your information and you will be spammed to death, like poor Opal!!

Word to the wise!!!

If you stumble across a website or anything that asks you to see if you “qualify” for “free” solar panels, STOP RIGHT THERE and turn around!! For the love of god, DO NOT PUT YOUR INFORMATION IN THERE!! Run. Run away!

Edit- telemarking is tangible evidence of evil… and I have no idea how those people can do this day in and day out as I am ready to quit after only a couple of days dealing with this crap. Seriously? How do ya all do it?

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