Well your racist

So I work for a contractor and we handle a call center for a large company. I get a call from a woman who says she’s calling for her brother. M is me, h is her. Conversation went like this: Hello, thanks for call (company) how can I help H: yes, (states issue) M: (gets info from policy holder.) Now ma’am unfortunately I have to get you to give me the same information because you’re not on his account so just monkey see monkey do and I’ll be sure to help. H you racist M-F how dare you call me a monkey I’m black M: I’m very sorry I didn’t know that but I wasn’t insinuating anything. It’s a common saying in the south. I definitely apologize and again will be more than happy to help. H well I’m offended. M: well ma’am I’m sorry but I would still need his info from you. H: well let’s see if this monkey can do it. (Gives info.) I give her the answer. She gives me the lowest score I can get on a call. Really, because I can clearly see your skin color through the phone

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