I wish to keep this car longer at no additional charges

tl;dr fucker wants me to extend his car rental but refuses to accept that the daily rate for his new days is higher than his actual daily rate, starts to insult me and I hung up on him.

I work for a car rental company, for 11 months my main task as an agent was to make reservations.

I recently got promoted to a “specialist”, basically when a customer demands a supervisor I take the call, even though I’m not really a supervisor, but I get better tools to work with. It’s been only two days, and I’m starting to regret my choice, not to mention this call could get me fired, guess we’ll see.

H: HenriquesDumbCousin AC: Asshole Customer

H: Thank you for calling Car Rental Company, my name is HenriquesDumbCousin. I’m a Supervisor for Reservations, how can I assist you today?

AC: I don’t understand the car extension policies, what’s up with them?

Basically when you create a reservation you get a daily rate. When something happens and you wish to extend the reservation the new additional days may have different daily rates, normally higher. It sucks, I know, but no one has control over this, once the customer tells me the new day he/she will drop the car, the system selects a new rate, and since the customer is already hooked, we cannot attach any additional discounts or coupons. Of course it’s never the customer’s fault and we are 100% responsible of fixing their shit.

H: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?


H: What else can I do for you today sir, do you have a car? Do you wish to extend?

AC: Yes…

Customer never told me he was in the middle of the rental, to make matters worse, dumbass didn’t even had the Contract, Reservation number or the goddamn keychain, had to look for the reservation myself which of course affects my handle time.

H: Okay sir, I found the reservation, how long do you wish to extend the reservation.

AC: I don’t know.

Fuck this guy, seriously.

H: Well, I need a specific date so that I can get you the rates.

AC: sigh fine… how about two days?

I check, the rental would increase an additional $100 dollars.

AC: How much is my daily rate right now?

H: $39 dollars per day.

AC: And how much will it be if you extend it for two days?

H: $50 dollars each day.

AC: That’s not right HenriquesDumbCousin, I don’t want to pay extra, why do I have to pay extra and not keep my actual daily rate? It appears that your company doesn’t cares about its customers, I don’t feel very appreciated right now.

H: I apologize sir, I have no control over this, once the system selects a new rate, we cannot do anything about it.

AC: You’ll have to do better than this…

I suggest that he returns the car on the established date, then picks up a new rental, the rate for the new rental would’ve been $77 dollars.

AC: But I don’t want to go over there, it’s like 2 hours from where I am right now.

At this moment I’m already tired of this guy and my handle time is quite high.

H: Sir, at this moment this is all I can offer to you, either you extend the rental or make a new one, there’s nothing else I can do for your.

AC: HenriquesDumbCousin, you are making me extremely pissed off right now!

H: I can assure you, that’s not my intention.

AC: Get me your supervisor right now.

H: I’m a supervisor.

AC: No, I want YOUR supervisor

I explained the customer that the only department I could connect him to was Customer Service.

AC: Do they have a higher level than you?

H: That’s the only department I can connect you.

AC: Do they have a higher level than you?

Told him the same.

AC: You’re not answering my question.

Explained him the same… again.

AC: Just get me to them, SCREW YOU!

Hung up on the fucker.

Eventually found out he called again, requested the reservation to be extended a whole week, and specifically requested the Case ID. Not sure if there will be repercussions, but seriously, fuck that guy.

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