I heard what you said my dear customer!

A long time ago I was working in a call center where we took over a part of HR. They just started with this and we were not allowed to tell the customer that we were actually in another country (however, they didn’t tell us what to answer in case they asked :D). Also, when we put them on hold, I’m not sure if they heard music or something but we could hear them clearly.

My first day taking calls, this was like my 2nd or 3rd call.

Me: *name of company* how can I help you today?
Him: Hi, I have an enquiry about XYZ. (At this moment he starts to tell his whole story, lasts about 5 minutes)
Me: I’m sorry sir, I do not know this by heart, let me check with my colleagues and I’ll be right back.
Him: Ok thanks.

I put him on hold. Asking my colleagues, they are asking me more questions, I’m a bit overwhelmed trying to do my best here, not wanting to go back and ask again somethings and go on and on.
At the same time, he’s telling his wife: How is this possible, they know nothing in these centers!! He has put me on hold now. It was such a bad idea to outsource this to other people who are not where I am. Such a bunch of idiots. How could management even decide something like that??
I’m hearing this in my one ear, trying to figure out the answer, listening to my colleagues in the other ear. But at least I got the answer after 5 long minutes.

Me: Thank you for holding sir, I’m sorry it took so long. I’m new here and I this issue was a bit more difficult.
Him: Oh that’s ok, no worries, I understand completely!
Me: *stating the answer*
Him: Thank you and have a great day! Oh by the way, is it true that you are in country XYZ?
Me: eeerrrrrrrrr, that’s correct sir & have a great day yourself.

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