…But I’m Canadian, not American…

I work for an auto insurance company and we are not allowed to give out information about other people’s policies to people not listed with specified permission (unless dealer, lien holder, etc, cop). Here is a convo I had yesterday.

Me: thank you for calling XYZ this is Me. Am I speaking with Policy Holder?

Caller: No this is her mother. She asked me to check on her policy. I want to know if she has the right coverage.

Me: ok great. Can I get your name and date of birth so I can verify you please? (I’m scanning policy, no other drivers listed beside Policy Holder, no written permission to speak with anyone else in policy notes)

Caller: my name is ABC DEF and why do you need my date of birth? That’s none of your business. You’d only need that if you wanted to steal my identity! Anyways I set up this policy for Policy Holder and she wanted to make sure I got the right coverages for her car.

Me: Ok thank you for helping her with the insurance but since you’re not listed on the policy, I can’t give out that information to you. I have to protect her privacy.

Caller: wha? That’s stupid. I started this policy for her. Are you sure my name isn’t there? Plus I can’t believe you need my date of birth. This is ridiculous. I just want to know what coverages she has or I’m going to have to call other companies.

(Even if she wanted to mom couldn’t cancel daughter’s policy)

Me: ma’am I’d love to be able to discuss the policy with you but we need your daughter’s permission and we don’t have it.

Caller: omg what’s the big deal. I’m Canadian, not American. This policy wouldn’t even apply to me. Besides what coverage she has isn’t personal information anyway. Oh god I’ll three way her.

Mom proceeds to call her four different times because daughter doesn’t pick up and she rants about how it’s stupid that I can’t share policy info with her.

Me: I would suggest, ma’am that your daughter call us and say “hey I give permission for you to speak with me mom ABC DEF about my policy” so you don’t have to go through all this trouble again. Or if you have access to her online login info you could use that to access her policy on your own.

Mom: ugh I’m just going to call other insurance companies. Ugh have a good day. Thanks.

TLDR: Policy Holder’s Mother upset we won’t give out Policy information to her.

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