Clearly time is a lot more relative than I thought.

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I was recently working at a call center for a bank in the mortgage department. There is a lot of daily stupid as apparently there isn’t a person alive who has read their closing documents. Recently there were several acquisitions because several banks in my country were caught being less than ethical. As expected people are Very happy about being transferred to a bank they’ve never heard of before. They are also very polite and reasonable. This is a story from one of my more recent calls. M: Me

C: Customer

M: Hello! Thank you for calling Bank my name is Dreamz may I start with your mortgage account number?

C: 12345….

M: What can I do for you today Mr. Customer?

C: I’ve never heard of BANK how long have you been in business?

M: 165 years ( That’s not the real years but it’s close enough to establish the point)

C: That’s impossible!

M: I’m sorry sir?

C: You can’t have been in business for that long you’d have to have been serving cavemen.

M: Sir… I can assure you our founding date was January 1st 1855 making the bank 165 this January.

C: Whatever I don’t believe you. I don’t see how you can just buy my mortgage without my consent.

M: Unfortunately sir it is in your closing documents that the banks are allowed to trade the mortgage as necessary.

C: This is like the fourth time this has happened I am just going to refinance to my previous bank.

M: (Knowing full well that the CEO of that company is under investigation and their housing department is being shut down) If you think that’s best sir.

We went on business as usual but I never understand how people like this can have mortgages just because they happen to be born at the right time.

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I heard what you said my dear customer!

A call center nightmare.