he made a mistake but we were sooo unconvenient and why could i not do it for him?

a call today – i work in a part of puplic social Services agency in a Callcenter in europe

i =me

caller= client

a Client, who applied for certain benefits from us missed a call from somebody of the regional Office of the agency and called back – and reached myself

one Point to know: if you apply for these benefits and have a certain form of income additional, you have to tell us each month how high the income was.

with your signature and it is a form of legal document – and it will be used much later, when we have proof about this income

he was called, because he made an obvious mistake with his numbers for this month.

after greeting procedure and Client identification procedure:

Client: i missed a call from you today

me: let me see, oh yes, mrs x called you because the numbers you submitted for your income could not be correct, there seems to be a mistake (two important numbers in the wrong field each- giving his income a whole other meaning)

Client: ah ok i was not so sure what the right number war and i seemed to have mixed them up.

me: thats no problem, please fill the numbers correctly and submit it again

Client: *loooong hard sigh* thats so inconvenient

me: i am sorry but we cannot pay you the Benefit without the correct Submission of your income – with your signature.

(scanned and mail is ok! fax is ok,. there are many ways you can submit your income…)

Client: *another sigh* no, you do it

me: *perplexed* i am sorry i cannot submit it for you, you have to do it yourself (because, his signature and legal document)

Client: then change the numbers on the form i already submitted!

me: i am very sorry but we are unable to do this. it is a form of legal document with your signatur – we cannot change numbers on it

Client: but why not? you are soo inconvenient…

and so on and so on in a circle for a while.

me: i am not able to help you further. you have applied for these benefits. and you have this certain income. and you know, with this combination, you have to submit your income monthly with your signature, to be able to get these benefits. We are unable to change a legal document because you made a mistake with your submission.
It is your decision how to proceed, but when you don’t submit it with the currect numbers again, you will not get the benefit payed.

in the end, he told me he will submit it again

– he made a mistake but we are inconvenient.

and to believe, we would be able to simply change the numbers on a legal document with his signature (and it would still be valid ..) is so…strange for me

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