I’ve been with you for 25 years… like if that really matters.

I don’t know if this happens on every company but customer’s do really believe that their “loyalty” will give them some super benefits?

I get this calls all the time and it sucks because we do not have anything to offer ans some customers believe that we have like a magic bottom to activate “loyalty treats” and we will be able to give them stuff for free, that is just not the real world.


Customer: Hello! I’ve been with you for 25 years and I want to get a new phone.

OP: Of course I’ll be glad to assist you, could you please tell me what type of phone are you interested on getting and what is your budged for the plan?

Customer: Yes! I want to have the Samsung Galaxy S10+, I do not want to pay anything for the phone and I want to have a bill less than $50…

I already know that the request for the monthly pricing is completely impossible but I go ahead.

OP: Thank you very much for letting me know! One moment please while I check on the offers available for this phone.

Basically to get this phone for $0 upfront customer will need to select a plan that is $75, just for the services an on top of that customer will need to pay installments of around $50 during 24 months.

So of course I give the information to the customer and well, loyalty is on the table now.

Customer: What!? that is too expensive! I know you can do better, I’ve been a loyal customer with you for 25 years and you have to give me a free phone I deserve it.

OP: We really appreciate your business with us and your loyalty however for this phone this will be the option to get it for $0, we do have lower monthly options but will be paying some money upfront would you like me to share the options with you?

Customer: No! I want to have the phone for free and pay just $50, it is not that hard. I know you can do it! Let me speak with loyalty.

OP: Of course ma’am I’ll call our loyalty department right now to check on the options they have available, (I already know they don’t have anything cheaper).

Loyalty: How can I help you?

I explain the situation to loyalty agent.

Loyalty: Oh, well we do not have anything cheaper but let me speak with the customer just to reinforce this information.

Call is transferred at the end.

Customers, if you really believe that the “loyalty” will give you anything else or any special deal, think again. I’ll love to say that the company really cares about that but the truth is that the company does not care, is not that we as agents don’t want to do it is just that we cannot do it and they we are affected by the bad surveys.

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he made a mistake but we were sooo unconvenient and why could i not do it for him?

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