Being on the other side of the call

Some back story: i fell behind on 3 credit cards, not major balances or anything, all with the same company. I havent had time to call the company due to dealing with a very sudden death and funerals for one of my best friends. Needless to say im exhausted and have no energy. Plus i used to work for a major credit card company and i know the calls arent gonna stop unless i take action, especially collections. Collection reps dont get enough credit.

A collections agent called me today, i answered and the usual talk happens and she asks why i fell behind. I explained the funeral and what happened.

Immediatly she said she understands if i dont have the energy to continue the call and understands, which was comforting.

We start getting a payment program set up, i mention im part time currently and she again says if im not comfortable with the plan that she can try to extend it even further so im not tight on funds and can focus on myself

I explained that although im part time,i currently work as a behavioral skills therapist (i work with children specifically)

She stops for a moment. She broke out of the usual talk offs. And thanked me for my job. She went on to explain that what my job handles is difficult and that people like me dont get enough recognition, if it wasnt for therapists like me she would be lost on how to help her kid. How she respected therapists so much like how she respects first responders.

I was speechless. I have never been thanked for my job. I love my job now, and parents do shoe gratitude but i have never been thanked before.

Honestly i cried after the call, happy tears because it made my absolute day so much better. She didnt have to tell me that. Hell she went above and beyond right from the get go and was concerned for me.

Damn right i gave her a compliment call and wanted so badly to recognize her. Turns out it was her first compliment call shes ever gotten, so i made her day too.

This was HOURS ago, and even though it was a collections call im still beaming from it.

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