Drunk and Belligerent

This is my first post on reddit so obligatory apologies for format because I’m posting from mobile

Not my story but one of my supervisors

I work at a roadside assistance call center and late one night a woman calls in asking for help changing a tire. Everything goes smoothly, the call gets dispatched and the tow company accepts it and heads out to the call. Everything’s good right?

That’s when the phone rings and this woman calls in, absolutely irate, screaming about how terrible service from the towing company was. My supervisor was able to calm her down enough to place her on hold and call the tow company to find out what happened. Apparently, when they arrived she was way too drunk to drive, so the tech (rightly) refused to service her vehicle. She went defcon 2, punched the technician and attempted to run him over.

There are very few things that get a membership with our company cancelled. This was one of those things

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Ah, the airlines…

Entitled woman keeps screaming at me because it was my fault she forgot her husband has a credit card.