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Hey guys. My second post here from my job but I think this one is actually good so I’d like to share it with you.

Short backstory : I work as an IT User Support agent in one very big company (can’t say which one unfortunately). When someone hit up our line and needed our help, I always did more than needed.

Cast: Me: not important WM: Weird Manager BHR: bitchy HR girl

So I got a call from user that had a problem to reach our intranet and company network generally. No big deal. Usually we can solve this issue by connecting to the user over a Skype, generating one time password and activating their VPN driver (Cisco any connect).

When I connected to the user, I saw a lot of strange things (which I should also report but I’m no snitch). So I was going over the basic troubleshoot, pointing user to the fact that this happens when the user leave the office with connected laptop (not disconnected from the wifi) and after turning it on from the sleep mode it tries to stay on (this somehow automatically turns off the VPN driver). I did my things as always and also told the user to not leave such a things on a desktop since it’s very personal and company might cause him some troubles.

I know, many people would tried to help users as they can. But I did something what pissed our manager.

I installed a small script and set it on users PC to avoid this VPN issue. I already did it like 20 times and it was never a big deal. Thanks to this we have less calls and users appreciate our help much more.

Every month we are getting a feedback from our Senior agent (never picked up a call in her life) stating what might be done better and we should avoid next time. So I got my feedback as follows:

“Your performance rapidle went from 58% to 98%! That’s awesome! No critical calls, KB’s in every ticket, 100% monitoring and due to your 2 minutesore on a brake I had to take down 2% from the rating. Keep doing what you do!”

For me, this one was really funny since I was doing overtime as hell, forming the whole team, have the most knowledge of the systems and SW our company uses… Shortly, I’m not the best but I know what I’m doing.

My manager asked our Senior why we are having less calls by almost 25% and she told him what I do with the users. How I’m helping them and making small scripts to avoid those problems in the future (small checking scripts after every turn on of laptop or PC, mostly printers and srivers)

He said nothing and left. After 3 hours, right before end of my shift, HR girls came to my desk and asked me if I can go with her. Honestly, I thought I’m gonna get the raise finally after 15 months working for 300€ less than my colleagues.

OH boy, what I saw was kinda unexpected.

BHR, WM, and some other dudes I not recognized at the moment.

BHR: We heard what you are doing for the users.

Me: Kinda good, right? I was thinking about putting all scripts together and distributing them to all our users to save little of our job and help them as well. More efficient.

WM: Do you know you’re not allowed to give users anything? You had a training and we also made a cybersecurity training for the whole office!

BHR: if you think we’re gonna give you a raise by doing such a thing, you’re wrong.

Me: Well, well, well. (my favorite quote from The Clockwork Orange) So, you’re saying I had a training. And CS training. First of all, you still didn’t gave me a damn contract after the merge and if you call 2 days watching some videos about Service-now system and how to create a damn tickets there, we’ll done! CyberSec training? You personally, WM, asked me if I can take extra day since our beloved lazy Senior was not able to go to the work and you replaced my day of having this training with Day Off. Even when I told you that. So no, I didn’t had a proper training and also you messed my CS training.

BHR: that doesn’t allow you to do what you’re doing. We’re not gonna pay you more for this. This is too much unprofessional. You need to ask us before you make your move.

WM: regarding your CS training, I told you you have to come for the last one that month.

Me: What the hell? We was having a formal communication over our company emails and you NEVER stated such a thing. Do you have a proof you said that? Do you have any witnesses?

WM: I called you.

Me: Can you tell me the date? My phone automatically records EVERY phone call I have. For a reason.

WM: I don’t know now. I have to check it.

Me: No problem. I supposed to be on my way home now so I’m basically doing an overtime by sitting here and talking with you.

BHR: You can’t have this as an Overtime. I took you here when you finished your job.

Me: Nope, you didn’t. It was actually 14:57 when you showed up in front of my table. I was parked on my break (I do take a last 20 mins of my break on the end of my shift) so I just changed my status from Break to Meeting.

Those extra guys sitting near WM and BHR had their mouth wide open and you could see how they laughed inside.

BHR: Ok. Just I’m reaming you. Don’t install anything on their computers, don’t do extra work. We’re not gonna pay you for this.

Can you write it down somewhere on a paper? And I also demands signatures of all people in this room. All of them.

BHR: Yeah, whatever.

Thanks to her stupidity she wrote it exactly as she said.

Day later I had a call with a request to reinstall Office 365 remotely and update Java. So I kindly explained to user I can not do this since my HR and Manager said I can’t do this anymore.

After the call, user wrote a complaint to the manager and HR dept.

I just received a formal request over an email if I’m available to come to see them. I replied I’m very busy with not installing anything and I do demand at least 2 weeks notice before the meeting.

Trust me guys, they were livid as hell itself.

I love it at my job LOL.

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