I can’t fix your tv, but i can book you a room

So I work for a corporate hotel booking company (like expedia for companies) in the after hours booking department. All I do is book rooms and sometimes help the hotel get people checked in.

M- Me C- Caller

M: “Thanks for calling >company<, my name is Dani, how can I help you?"

C: “My tv is in spanish.”

M: “Sorry?”

C: “My tv is stuck in spanish and I want to watch tv!”

M: “I’m sorry to hear that, sir, unfortunately I just do after hours reservations, so you would need to speak to the front desk.”

C: “I spoke to the lady at the desk, she don’t know how to fix it! She told me how to reset it but that just made it say no signal!”

M: “Have you tried changing the channel?”

C: “It’s the whole tv in spanish! I wanted a new room but the girl said she couldn’t move me.”

M: “I could try to book you somewhere else-“

C: “No, I wanna go home, I don’t understand why she couldn’t move me! I wanted to watch tv!”

M: “It’s possible the hotel is sold out-“

C: “They ain’t sold out, they got a hundred rooms, how could they be sold out?”

M: “I’m sorry sir, I don’t have access to their reservation records.”

C: “I just want my tv fixed, can’t you do something?”

M: “Sir, I just do reservations. It’s possible the cable box needs to be reset but I don’t think you have access-“

C: “I don’t know nothin’ about resetting a cable box. Why can’t you just change it to english?”

M: “I’m not sure the rooms have the cable box available to the guests, and without looking at it I can’t tell what’s wrong, I don’t know enough about your service provider-“

C: “They said I could watch tv on my phone but I don’t know about that.”

M: “Sometimes certain providers have cable access via an app. I’m sorry about your tv, all I could do is book you somewhere else.”

C: “Well, you can cancel my reservation, I’m not stayin’ somewhere I can’t watch TV.”

M: “Okay, sir, I apologize…”

C: click

The phone call lasted like 20 minutes of back and forth with this guy, and all the other people on my shift came over to listen to the crazy. I’m just so baffled.

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