But… asked…

Me: me Tg: triggered guy

Me: Thank you for calling roadside assistance company. My name is noodles. How can I help?

Tg: Yea I just want to upgrade my membership.

Me: Sure I can help. * goes through verification* So I’m seeing that you just had a tow in July. I’m order to be eligible for an upgrade you have to have gone 90 days without a tow.

Tg: Wait wait wait I never said anything about upgrading! I wanted to add a person on.

Now just to be clear upgrading and adding people on or two totally different things and most people recognize the difference.

Me: Oh I’m sorry for that. I thought you said upgrade. Sure we can add a member.

Tg: My bad! I dont know you guys lingo! Upgrade could mean anything. (Me: eyeroll)You open the call by immediately telling me what I’m not elligable for! What kind of customer service is that?! rants for another two minutes

Somewhere in there he says the name of the person he wants to add but it’s way too fast for me to understand.

Me: I’m sorry could please you repeat that name?

Tg: You know what? Bye!


Me: O.O

I mean its not my fault you asked for the wrong thing.

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