The Mute Button Is A Fickle Friend

A lot of people have made mention of how dangerous it can be to mute the callers so that you can make snarky remarks about them because if you forget, you’re sunk. And that is true and I’m happy to say that I ditched that habit before anything bad happened.

However, I do love the mute button because it gives me the opportunity to take a drink or fix something or whatever while I’ve got moments that I don’t need to talk. And our call center, in particular, is one where just about everyone in it is constantly sneezing. Usually I get to the mute button in time and this is not a problem.

Not today! I sneezed right in this poor caller’s ear twice in a row. I apologized and he laughed it off and that was that, of course. Thank goodness he was nice.

Mute buttons are not to be trusted.

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