“He owes me dinner!!”

Hey all! This is my first post here but I’ve been enjoying your tales for some time now. I’m on mobile so I apologize for any mistakes.

A little bit of background info, I work at the call center for a national gutter company where we just schedule estimates.

Tonight I had a woman call in who was completely IRATE over the inappropriate conduct by one of our reps who stopped by her house to give an estimate. However, she actually bought the product and the incident she described to me happen when she had the estimate and bought our product in NOVEMBER. (7 months ago)

Apparently the representative came to her house and told her that she “looked of retiring age” but then propositioned her in front of her fiancé, and insisted he take her out to dinner. She said that he even included in her contract that he is to provide her a dinner worth at least $50.

I wasn’t able to get a single word in over her screaming about how she isn’t old, we’re lucky she purchased our product, and just screamed over and over about how inappropriate our representative acted. However, what prompted her to call and report this to us seven ml the later, is that she’s contacting the representative to buy her dinner, and he isn’t responding.

The whole time I’m wondering…why did you buy our product, I know if someone came into my house, called me old, and propositioned me in front of my so, I’d kick them out!! But instead, she paid $6k for our product, and called in 7 months later wondering when she’s gonna get that dinner….

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