Angry Customer paid $1800 for product we shipped to someone else

A few years back, I worked in retentions for a company that sold omega 3 oil capsules. This is an interesting story from my time there:

A customer once called, with a bank representative on a three-way to cancel a subscription and get a refund on a product. The customer tells me that he cancelled over two years ago and we’ve still been charging his account $70 a month. After verifying the account and reading the notes, I inform the customer that he called to cancelled two years ago, and the rep offered him to defer the account by two months before orders would resume again. I inform him that since the date he’s called in to cancel he’s had 26 orders of the capsules sent to his address, each order for $70 totaling $1820.

The customer then says ‘oh right, I remember. The representative I spoke to gave me a tough time about cancelling so I just agreed to having the account put on hold and later cancelled my credit card Instead. ’

I was dumbfounded, how have we been charging his account if the cc we have on file has been cancelled for two years.

Then the bank rep steps in and says that some companies have the ability to charge the bank account directly even if they were only given a cc, and the company can still charge the bank account even if the cc on file is cancelled or expired.

So that’s when the customer got real mad, he demanded I cancel the account completely for good and refund his $1800

He then goes on to explain that around the same time, he had moved to another state, so all the orders we had sent had been sent to his old address.

I inform the customer that he is no longer within his 90 money back guarantee (yeah no shit) but that I would ask my supervisor.

I muted my microphone, and messaged my sup.

But I could still hear them both; he asked the bank rep if he could sue us for charging his account for two years. The bank rep said not likely since he did in-fact agree to not cancelling the account two years ago.

My sup approved a $50 refund for the very last order that had been sent out that very day.

The bank rep agreed to cancelling the customers overdraft fee (which is how he found out about the charges in the first place).

And obviously I was forced to cancel the account.

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