This is why you don’t give your children access to your credit card and no, I can’t give your kid his games back.

Hi everyone, yet another story from my time in banking customer service.

The backstory: I got the second call about this customer’s issue. What had prompted her to call in the first case was she had seen charges for “Steam” on her credit card statement and thought it was fraud. For those who don’t know, Steam is a computer game shop/platform/game developing company, very popular with PC gamers. So she had told the first CSR to lodge a fraud case and request a refund on the transactions. The CSR dutifully did so, gave the customer a reference number, ordered her a new card, advised her the turn around time and ended the call. My call took place ~2 hours later. I’ll try to summarise the conversation as best I can remember.

Me: Thanks for calling (bank) you’re speaking with u/absurd-n-nihilistic how can I help you?

Her: Hi yes, I called earlier because I didn’t recognise some charges on my card and your staff member told me it was something to do with gaming and I don’t play games so I got them to request a refund.

Me: Uhuh

Her: Well, I’ve just figured out it was my son who was using my card. I let him buy one game but apparently my card details got saved and he just kept buying. But now he’s very upset. And I’m hoping your can help. Apparently all of his games are now gone.

Me: I’m sorry? His games are gone?

Her: Yeah, all of the games have been removed from his computer.

Me: It sounds like Steam has blocked your son’s account because of the fraud refund request we would’ve sent them. Did you want me to cancel the request now you know what the transactions weren’t fraud and we’re made by your son?

Her: No, can’t you just give my son his games back?

Me: Well now that you know your son made the purchases and it sounds like Steam has blocked your son’s account, I dare say the best thing for us to do is cancel the request and have your son contact Steam to have his account re-instated.

Her: But I didn’t authorise the charges! ALL of his games are gone! I shouldn’t have to pay for this!

We went around and around on this point for about 5 minutes before I said.

Me: I understand you’re upset and your son is upset, but there are ONLY two options here. Either we keep the fraud case going and your son likely won’t get access to his Steam account again or we cancel it and your son contacts Steam to explain what’s happened and hope they reactivate his account. I can’t give your son his games back, that’s going to be up to Steam and what you decide to do.

She muttered something about unhelpful customer service and hung up. I don’t know if she ever cancelled the fraud case or if it was successful or if her son ever got his Steam account back, but I sure as shit left detailed notes on the request stating the customer recognised the charges as ones made by her son but still wanted to continue with the case.

Moral of the story, kids are assholes, don’t give them access to your credit card or you’ll end up with charges for shit you didn’t even knew existed.

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