Lazy employee feigns computer trouble to get out of work.

Background: Among other things, the company I work for provides minor tech support to other companies.

An employee from one of our client companies called this morning, “Hi, my computer froze up. Can you log me off remotely so I can switch to a different machine?”

Sure, takes a couple minutes, but isn’t a problem. I get it taken care of and call her back letting her know she’s good to go.

About 20 minutes later the manager of that client company called, “Hi, I understand one of our employees called you with a computer issue earlier?”

Me: “Yes?”

Manager: “Well, her machine wasn’t frozen. She unplugged it because she’s lazy and wanted to get out of work. I can assure you this will never happen again.”

Me: “Uhh … wow. Ok. Thanks for letting me know?”

“This will never happen again”. Is she fired? Demoted to custodial or something? I can’t ask, of course, but … wow. The audacity. “I have a cunning plan! I’ll just unplug my machine and claim it’s not working!”

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