You can….suck an egg!!

I used to work for Verizon. Some guy called to dispute some charges he had. I mean just around 10-20 dollars. He was so rude and defensive from the beginning. Everything was my fault.

So like every call I just wanted to explain the charges and what they were before offering to waive them, but that set him off. He just kept going on about being the most loyal for several years, you know, the usual argument.

What I can clearly remember from this call was him saying, “if you think I’m paying this you can……..suck an egg!” That was followed by silence/me trying not to laugh. Then he says, “I’ll ruin your reputation!” (What? Lol)

Eventually he did let me speak and let me put him on hold to credit his account. And don’t worry guys, I made sure to “make it quick!!!”

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