Yeah, that IS the best I can do!

I work for an investment company whose products are both high-risk and very limited liquidity. Two products in particular have a set redemption period when anyone who wants to withdraw can submit a request to do so. It’s 5 days when we get thousands of forms coming in. If the 2 products reach their redemption limit for the year, that’s it. No more requests until the following year.

Naturally, people who miss the period (it’s always the same dates every year) get a little peeved and try to blame us for their missing it.

Cx: I didn’t know when the period was! You people are too hard to get a hold of!

Me: Sir we could have told you the dates at any time. There’s also several newsletters that are posted that specify the dates. You could also have emailed and we would have responded to you that way.

Cx: I don’t do computers! And every time I call no one answers!

Me: Sir, if you call you can leave a voicemail and we will call you back, but that’s often not necessary. For example, you called today and I answered your call right away.


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Rudest man I’ve dealt with, by far.

"No, that won’t fix it."