Rudest man I’ve dealt with, by far.

So I’ve been at my call center job for almost a year now and this ass I talked to today was rude just for the sake of being rude. My shift just ended and this event happened about a half ahout ago and I’m sitting in my car as I type this.

So, he is asking about an item he wants to order and asks when it would arrive by. This is how it goes.

Me=me rdh=rude dick head

Me: it looks like through our standard shipping the item would arrive by or before the 22nd (we say that because some items get there a few days early.) But if you’d like, I can see what days we can set it for it you want it to arrive eariler.

Rdh: the 22nd? That’s almost 2 weeks away. Why does it take so long to ship out a gift basket?

Me: I’m about to explain but I only manage to get about 3 words out

Rdh: No. Stop talking. It is ridiculous to have a company take so long to send out items.

Me: I understand that it is seems like a long while but-

Rdh: No, you dont understand! This company is ridiculous and you dont need to explain this bullshit shipping to me. click

I just sat there, my mouth literally agape. I was super polite and even tried to see if he wanted to get it there sooner. We usually have a long timeframe like that in case the shipping is somehow delayed and it doesnt arrive earlier.

This is how it goes: Once you place an order, it takes about a day or two to process in the system (depending how many orders we have that day) then once the item officially ships out, usually on the 3rd day, it takes roughly 4-7 business days to arrive to its destination. If everything went smoothly, that gift basket would’ve arrived by at least the 16th or the 17th.

I guess the thing that pisses me off the most is, is that he wouldn’t let me do my job and talk it out. And what really sucks, is that when the caller is talking, we have to shut up and not talk over them or anything like that. If we didn’t have to do that, I would’ve just kept talking over him so he would fucking understand.

I don’t know who pissed in that guys cornflakes this morning. But he didnt need to take it out on me. 😤

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